Information for Participants

Plenary talks

  • Take place in Room1.
  • 45min, including Q&A and introduction from Chair. 
  • 15min have been allocated after plenary talks, to allow presenters and audience to move
    to parallel sessions.
  • Invited speakers to check their presentations prior to their session; a PC will be available
    to upload files, but own laptops can be also used.

Parallel Session Presenters

  • 15min; limit your presentation to 12min to allow for Q&A and time-lag between successive presenters.
  • Presenters must check their presentations prior to their session; check detailed programme for allocated time and refer to your session Chair and dedicated person for assistance; to avoid delays, please upload your files prior to the session to conference-room PC available.


  • In Room 1 during the 3 days of the conference; desks/equipment can be set-up in the afternoon/evening of Sunday 2nd June (prior to welcome reception). Equipment can be taken after the conference; please contact MAICh personnel for instructions.
  • 15min presentation in dedicated session in Room 1, including Q&A and time-lag between successive presenters; please check presentation prior to session.


  • To get in touch with presenters prior to the session and make sure all session presentations are playing/displayed properly prior to the session.
  • To make sure presentations do not start before the indicated starting time.
  • To make a short introduction to the presenter prior to the talk.
  • To notify the presenters 2min before the end of the 12min presentation duration time.
  • To coordinate and encourage Q&A after each presentation; request name and affiliation of the colleagues asking questions.


  • Posters must be setup on Sunday evening (prior to welcome reception) in Room 1. Boards with size 0,85m (width) x 1,20m (height) will be available.
  • Become available to discuss your posters with participants stopping by during the conference.
  • Posters can be taken after the conference; please contact MAICh personnel for instructions.


  • You are kindly advised not to enter rooms while presentations take place, to avoid disturbance.
  • Change conference room (if needed) during the last minute prior to the indicated starting time of each presentation.
  • During Q&A identify yourself (name/affiliation).
  • You are encouraged to visit and talk to the sponsors/exhibitors during the days of the conference.

Health and Safety


SELF-ISOLATION/QUARANTINE (in case of a serious epidemic): 

While the Institute takes all precautions to avoid contamination, in case of a confirmed e.g. COVID case in the Institute, you may be asked to self-isolate and/or quarantine. Please note that you are OBLIGED to do this if you are asked to by the state authorities. Please be aware at all times to wash your hands regularly, and to use disinfectant wherever possible. While MAICh takes every care to ensure your health and safety on the campus, you are personally responsible for your own safety. Please show PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY at all times. 


  • Stay calm and don’t panic; Call the fire brigade immediately: 199
  • If you know how to use a fire extinguisher, use it to put out the fire before the fire spreads; Evacuate the building according to the plans on display in each area; Gather at the assembly area as specified in the plan on display in the building; If you can’t leave the room, seal the doors and windows in order not to help the fire spread.


  • Stay calm and don’t panic; Stay away from furniture or objects which can fall on you
  • Find shelter under a table or desk or next to a solid piece of furniture (in a safe triangle). If there is no suitable furniture, crouch in the middle of the room and cover your head with your hands
  • Find shelter under the frame of a door; Stay away from glass surfaces; Do not go out onto the balcony; Do not run towards the exit; Do not use the elevator; After the shaking stops completely, leave the building with caution;  Remember: do not run; Gather at the assembly area as specified in the plans on display.

Students/visitors are responsible for their personal belongings in their rooms. In the case of loss, the Institute bears no responsibility. Students/visitors must keep their door locked when they are absent from their room. The Institute holds no responsibility for lost or stolen personal items.


See designated areas in MAICh map

AT ALL TIMES: Please consider all the people who use the Institute’s facilities, as well as the cleaning ladies who need to clean up afterwards. All students/visitors are required to adhere to these rules of cleanliness. 

Useful Information



+30 2821 0 98700
+30 2821 0 94300

Emergency Police: 100
Fire Department: 199
Police: +30 2821 0 28744
Port Authority: +30 2821 0 98888


First Aid: 166                                        
Hospital of Chania: +30 2821 0 22000
Marine Hospital of Souda: +30 2821 0 82628

CONFERENCE BADGES: Will be provided upon registration. Badges function as tickets for the conference rooms and for the “Mediterranean” MAICh Restaurant, which is located in the conference venue. Therefore, badges should be worn at all times. 

LANGUAGE: The official language of the conference is English.

RECEIPTS/INVOICES: You should have already received your receipt/invoice through email. In case there is no receipt/invoice received so far, please contact the MAICh conference secretariat. 

WIFI: WIFI can be accessed without a password throughout the conference. There are different access points. Please use the one with the strongest signal. MAICh provides 50Mbit internet connection that can easily support hundreds concurrent users.

AIRPOT TRANSFER: Participants are responsible to arrange their own transportation from MAICh to the airport and vice versa. The best way is taking a taxi, which costs approximately 30€ from/to the city centre. 

LOCAL TRANSPORTATION: Bus No13 connects MAICh venue with the city centre. The timetable can be found in the Chania City Bus website ( AGORA is the terminal stop as well as the departure point from the city centre to MAICh. The same bus also departs from square 1866, which is closer to the KTEL bus station than the AGORA terminal station. More info on how to get to MAICh venue can be found at:

The conference secretariat is open during the conference hours and willing to help and assist participants. 

Please take into consideration that photos will be taken randomly during the conference. A consent form provided by the MAICh secretariat should be signed during registration. If you do not wish to be photographed and missed to sign the form or you wish to delete a photo, please inform the MAICh conference secretariat.