The 12 th Cavitation Symposium will be held at M.A.I.Ch. in Chania, Crete, from 2 to 5 June 2024


Chania is the second largest city in the island of Crete in Southern Greece, but according to many the most beautiful. A blend of its historic and cosmopolitan past, venetian, turkish and traditional architecture, monuments, with the busy streets day and night, famous extraordinary nearby beaches and Samariá Gorge, make this city an attraction throughout the year. 

However, besides the tourists, Chania addresses to scientists too, as the Technical University of Crete and the M.A.I.Ch. are based there.


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M.A.I.Ch. is a constituent institute of CIHEAM, the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies, based on Chania since 1986, engaged in post-graduate specialised education, networked research and facilitation of regional debate, on Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. The laboratories of M.A.I.Ch. consist of a unified space of 680 m² focusing on academic postgraduate training, research and service analyses. Besides the education and and scientific research, M.A.I.Ch MAICh’s Conference Center satisfies the requirements of very sophisticated and advanced conferences, seminars, symposiums or scientific meetings. More on M.A.I.Ch.