Keynote Speakers

Prof Petros Koumoutsakos (University of Harvard, USA)

Prof Petros Koumoutsakos (Harvard University, USA)
Reinforcement Learning for Flow Modeling and Control

Prof Nicolaus Adams (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
Advances in numerical modelling of cavitating flows

Prof Elisa Konofagou (Columbia University, USA)
Cavitation as a metric of the blood-brain barrier opening volume and degree of immunomodulation in ultrasound-induced brain disease treatment

Prof Timothy G. Leighton (University of Southampton, UK)
Less than inertial cavitation – when it is all you need

Prof Shuhong Liu (Tsinghua University, China) 
Particulate Projectiles Driven by Cavitation Bubbles

Prof Alfred Vogel (University of Lubeck, Germany)
Laser-induced micro- and nanocavitation: bubble dynamics, memory, and amnesia

Prof Mohamed Farhat  (EPFL, Switzerland)
On the cavitation barrier in high-speed sailing

Dr Outi Supponen  (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
Physics of acoustic cavitation in biomedical applications: ablation and drug delivery

Dr Yannis Karathanassis (City, University of London, UK)
High-flux irradiation imaging and optical diagnostics for wall-bounded viscoelastic cavitating flows and influence on atomising jets

Dr Matevz Dular  (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Cavitation – transition from an engineering nightmare to a tool for water treatment